Quality & Sustainability

Sustainability – environmental, economic and social

Our focus is on achieving enduring environmental, economic and social benefits for buildings, their surroundings and for those who own and use them. We therefore work to integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions and optimize sustainable technologies wherever possible.

We also recognize that day-to-day operations can impact both directly and indirectly on the environment. As well as fully complying with all relevant legal requirements, codes of practice and regulations, we work hard to protect and enhance the environment through good management and best practice. We identify and manage environmental risks and hazards, keep our water and energy use as low as possible, and minimize waste and increase recycling within the framework of our waste management procedures. We also strive to use products and materials from sustainable sources and provide suitable training to enable employees to deal with their specific areas of environmental control.

Sustainability in action

The iconic N1R Abu Dhabi is the dedicated residential building on Masdar for the Etihad staff and crew. The building has a state-of-the-art solar heating scheme and operates at a very efficiency. The lighting system is fully LED which will offer a longer life duration and lower energy levels throughout the building. The building will achieve a sustainability rating of LEED Gold and a Estidama Pearl 4 rating which is extremely high and will make this building one of the most sustainable building in the UAE.

Haydon are extremely proud to be an active member of the Emirates Green Building Council.ISO 9001-UKASEPG3